About G4S Academy

“We share our unique knowledge of security based on the thesis that innovation and value are not created alone, but together"

- Academy Director & Founder, Steen Brahe Bonke

Innovative security solutions

G4S Academy is a division of the G4S, focused on exploiting our unique in-house knowledge and sharing it with our customers to create the security solutions of the future.

G4S Academy has been around for a number of years, primarily focusing on internal education, where we in Denmark alone teach over 1,000 people a year.

Et netværk af specialister

Siden 2016 er G4S Academy blevet kundevendt med formålet at hjælpe vores kunder og samarbejdspartnere ved at yde rådgivning, vejledning og support for at mitigere risici.


Når du vælger G4S som leverandør, får du adgang til et professionelt netværk af G4S Academy specialister.

Sharing security knowledge

Our G4S Academy specialists can help create a clear strategy and synergy between security and business needs, and advise on everything from technical set-up of security solutions to the development and implementation of risk management strategies.

You are also invited to events and receive relevant articles on current trends and trends, so that you constantly strengthen and develop your managerial and professional skills.

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