G4S Academy Consulting

Professional security consulting

A network of specialists

In G4S we have gathered some of our best competences under the title G4S Academy Specialist.

Academy specialists are people who are trained to work with risks in an broad perspective and at the same time have unique competencies within a wide range of specialist areas.

Academy specialists help you create a clear synergy between security and business needs, and advise on everything from technical set-up of solutions to the development and implementation of risk management strategies.

ISO Certified supplier consultancy

All our specialists are ISO certified in regards to the requirements specification for the Safety Industry's ISO certification on supplier consulting, and examined in their respective areas of competence.

In addition to knowledge of specific types of security, several of the specialists also have expert knowledge of a large number of industries that enable them to provide specialized security advice within these particular industries.

Create the best possible basis for decision making

Our specialists help you make the most of investments in security. We have specialists for every security related task, and handle everything from reviewing workflows and security awareness to making risk assessments.


Examples of tasks we handle:

  • Threat and Risk Assessments

  • Preparation / review of security strategies

  • Security Awareness training / education

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