The European Risk Management program (EIRM) is changing name to Global Institute of Risk Management (GIRM).

The program is being reviewed and renewed to provide you with the best risk management certification possible.

We help you manage risks

The main objective with GIRM is to assist private and public organisations with managing their risks. We offer strategic advice, education & training and knowledge sharing on risk management and risk leadership. management and risk leadership.


Our key competences are:


  • Strategic advice in relation to risk identification
  • Linking societal risks to private organisation’s activities
  • Development of internal and external risk communication
  • Knowledge sharing

Based on latest expert knowledge

We have many years of experience in transforming companies’ risk competences to strategicactivities, and in developing concepts and projects that combine public and private organisations in the proactive management of risks.

Through our G4S Academy Specialist we also customise courses on risk and as a partner with networks, associations and educational bodies we deliver risk knowledge through articles, best practice guides, and conferences.

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Courses and Education

One of the objectives of GIRM is to contribute to efficiently managed enterprises that are able  to analyze their risks and plan how to deal with both the dangers and possibilities that these represent.

We are soon launching the GIRM Online Course in Risk Management, which is an introductory course to enterprise risk management (ERM). The course introduces important concepts, terms and processes used in ERM.

In GIRM we also offers tailored courses and conference presentations. If you have a particular training need within risk management please contact us. Our experience includes general introductions to risk management and risk leadership and also specialized courses for top leaders.

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