Data Ethics Policy

  • Introduction
  • Our principles for data ethics
  • Sources
  • Use of technologies
  • Governance and reporting
  • Approval

In this policy, G4S´ approach to data ethics will be defined. 
The evolution of technologies and the digital world sets a new focus on the data needed and used to make these technologies function. The protection of the individual's right to their data is fundamental and has never been more important. G4S focuses on the rights to data, and with the development of technologies we recognize the importance of taking data ethics and general ethical concerns into account when processing data. 

Our principles for data ethics
G4S commits to the following data ethics principles:

As the leading provider of security services, security is the foundation of our business, and our customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers' security is of the utmost importance to G4S. With the advanced technologies in our products comes a responsibility to maintain the highest degree of security related to the data stored. This is why G4S always strives to provide a high level of both physical and IT based security measures as well as always giving all of our employees the proper training so as to ensure compliance with all applicable law. 
G4S is ISO 27001 certified on the G4S cloud-based hosting platform.
Without exception all G4S employees have prior to employment obtained special approval by the national police in accordance with the provisions of the Security Services Act. In addition a comprehensive background check is conducted of employee candidates prior to employment with a returning annual follow up procedure in place.

All employees are subject to a contractual duty of confidentiality.and have signed a declaration of confidentiality.

G4S’ internal policies and guidance on “Group Information Security Acceptable Use”, “Communication”, “Security Breach” and “Global Information Security Service Provider Assurance” must be followed by all employees of G4S..

G4S uses and processes data responsibly. All of our employees are focused on the data protection principles and receive proper training to ensure that all processing meets our high standards. Furthermore, G4S makes in-depth risk assessments in relation to all of our products, third party services, software etc. 

G4S's internal policies on "Personal Data Protection" and "Risks and Opportunities" shall be adhered to at all times.

G4S is responsible for how data is stored and processed. Therefore, G4S continuously ensures that all requirements for data processing and data storage are met. G4S prioritizes governance as an essential tool to processing data in the organization as a whole, and allows employees to be on top of potential risks at all times. 

G4S’ internal policy on “Retention and deletion” is implemented and shall be adhered to at all times.

It is essential that the individual understands how and why data is used and stored. G4S strives for transparency when processing and storing data, so that the individual is aware of what kind of data is being collected, how the data will be used or stored, if any technologies are used for analyzing purposes, as well as the individual's rights in relation to their data. 

G4S’ internal policies on “Group Information Security”, “PC-, Mobile-, and Internet” and “Awareness” is implemented and must be adhered to at all times.

G4S makes sure that no systems include bias in regards to processing data. G4S´ systems does not sort or process data on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age [følsomme data], as well as software that may recognize persons does not base such assessment on any of the above mentioned criteria. Such systems track movement patterns and the general silhouette of a person in order to recognize a potential intruder. G4S promotes equality, diversity and fairness in all aspects and has a separate internal policy in place outlining these important principles. 

G4S’ internal policies on “Business Ethics Code”, “Human Rights Guidance”, “Human Rights”, “Speak Out! - Whistleblowing” and “Gifts and Entertainment” have been implemented at must be adhered to at all times.

In G4S we process several types of data, including but not limited to;

  • Personal data regarding job applicants
  • Video material obtained from security cameras when an alarm is activated, including surveillance footage of potential intruders
  • Information regarding customers and customer´s customers
  • Highly sensitive and classified information data

G4S processes all data in accordance with EU directives and relevant local legislation regarding data protection.

Use of technologies
G4S uses a variety of technologies when processing data, including advanced technology used for distinguishing persons from other moving objects on CCTV.

Governance and reporting
This policy will be reviewed annually and referenced in the annual accounts. 

This policy was approved and revised by the Board of Directors of G4S Security Services A/S in May 2022